Luxor - No pressing!

Luxor - No starching!

Luxor - Drip dry?

If you prefer to drip dry and not iron your shirts, then please continue to do so.   Your pure cotton Luxor shirt will dry smoother and more wrinkle free than any other shirt.

Luxor - Tumble dry?

If a brief tumble try, straight to a hanger and no ironing is your preferred method, then go ahead because this is the best way to treat your Luxor shirt.

Luxor - To iron or not to iron?

There is no doubt that a quick iron will result in an ultra crisp shirt.    If you insist on using an iron, then please avoid ironing the collar and cuffs - they really don't need it.

All other garments

Please follow the laundering instructions that is sewn in to each individual garment.





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